IGS ( Shanghai ) Company Ltd is a foreign owned enterprise and our headquarter is located in LuJiaZui Economic & Financial Trade Zone. We have representative offices in Hong Kong, Chongqing and Dalian. We are the leader in the industrial technology & IT fields. We provide the solutions for endpoint security and we are the first company in China providing wireless control system for crane which using Bluetooth technology. In order to reach the fast delivery and the accuracy for inventory control, we set up a “cloud warehouse” in Zhangjiang free taxes zone logistic centre. We are the Distributors of Giovenzana International B.V, REMdevice srl and Imation Corporation. Moreover, we are the grou...

IGS ( Shanghai ) Company
Contact: Liao Guanghui
Electricity: (8621) 51863833
True: (8621) 51010168
Address: room 1203, Jiaxing building, No. 877, East Road, Lujiazui finance and Trade Zone, Pudong, Shanghai
Zip code: 200122
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